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Blockade Billy


23rd April 2017

"Blockade Billy"
By: Stephen King

I did really, really enjoy the main novella in this book, (there are two stories in the copy I have but the second story had been published in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams meaning I had already read it and even then I didn't think it was one of his best novellas). I can understand why people don't like the amount of baseball jargon in this story though, as oddly enough the story of what happened is hidden behind all of the baseball combined with the fact that baseball is critically important to why it all happened.

I'm not sure the story would have worked nearly as well as a full length novel, let alone one of Stephen King's length novels, as there really isn't any room for anything to bulk it out without taking away from the actual story. While I am sad it was short I do think that it would have ended up being a radically different story if he had tried turning it into a full length novel, and there would have been a good chance I wouldn't have liked it nearly as much as I did.

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