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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams


23rd March 2017

"The Bazaar of Bad Dreams"
By: Stephen King

This is his (current) latest collection of short stories and is the first one where I have been aware of a theme throughout the stories. In this case, all of the stories are centred around death or dying in some way.

I liked most of the stories in this book, but that is standard for me with his collections of short stories as thereís always a few I donít like. The last story I both liked and found unsettling, more than I would have expected, was set after a nuclear war as the two main characters and a pet dog wait for the radiation levels to become high enough in their town to cause serious enough radiation sickness to warrant committing suicide. While I did really like that story I made the mistake of reading at night when I was having trouble sleepingÖ

It was a good book, despite the fact that was three stories in this collection that I personally did not like at all and some of the other stories were very middle of the road. It was enjoyable, but some of them were thought provoking and unsettling so itís not what Iíd describe as a light or mindless read.

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