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Auckland, New Zealand

Albert Park

Albert Park I took these photos at the very start of spring - not that you can tell from the grey sky though. Albert Park is a couple of blocks from Queen Street in the central city and is in between the shopping centre & office blocks and the main Auckland University campus. As a result it always has a lot of University students walking through it or eating there...

Aotea Square

Aotea Square Aotea Square is an area just off Queen Street in Auckland, that often has special events being held there. During the current set of photos, there were sections of the 2013 Auckland Arts Festival set up there.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Auckland Botanic Gardens This is the start of spring, so some but not all of the flowering plants are flowering yet. The Botanic Gardens is close to the Auckland Airport and is quite a long way from anything, including public transport :(

Auckland Domain

Auckland Domain The Auckland Domain is the park around the Auckland Museum and has areas like a fernery and hothouses.

Auckland - General

Auckland - General These photos are ones that don't fit on any other page and currently are too small in number to warrent their own seperate page.

Auckland High Court

Auckland High Court I took these photos outside of the Auckland High Court, which is in the central city and right next to the Auckland University. I thought the decorations on and around the High Court were interesting.

Auckland Sky Tower

Auckland Sky Tower There are two observation decks on the Auckland Sky Tower.

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Sky Tower These photos were taken soon, (1-2 months if I remember correctly), after the Zoo got a new Elephant called Anjalee as a friend for their older Elephant Burma - at the end of August 2015.


Bayswater Bayswater is one of the suburbs that has a ferry running to it from the central city. It isn't a tourist attraction in the same way Devonport is and doesn't have any shops beyound a single dairy, but there are some intertesting walks there and people use various parts of the marina to fish.

Central City - Auckland

Central City - Auckland I took these photos around the Central Business District in Auckland and are of things like the statues found here.


Devonport Devonport is one of the nicer small shopping areas in Auckland. It also has a lot of tourists as it has the ferry from the central city and has things to do like the North Head Tunnels. There is also a group putting various types of Wool Graffiti up in Devonport.

Devonport Ferry and Terminal

Devonport Ferry and Terminal The Devonport ferry is one of the bigger tourist attractions in Auckland, especially given that it goes from Devonport to the central city making it easy to get to. It is very nice and it isn't expensive compared to other touristy type things as Aucklanders use it as public transport everyday too.

Kelly Tarltons

Kelly Tarltons Kelly Tarltons is a large tourist and family aimed aquarium close to the central city. More aimed at children I think.


Milford These photos were taken on the walk from Milford beach to Takapuna beach.

Mt Victoria

Mt Victoria This is a hill in Devonport, that has a lot of walkways.

Myers Park

Myers Park This is a surprisingly nice park literally just off Queen Street in the central business area in Auckland. It isn't uncommon to see people who work in the area eating their lunch here on nice days.

North Head Tunnels

North Head Tunnels The tunnels on North Head in Devonport, Auckland, has been used 1878 for defense by the New Zealand Army and the various tunnels and guuns left there are the remains...


Takapuna Takapuna is mainly a shopping centre on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand. But it does have a really, really nice beach.

The Cloud

The Cloud The Cloud is the name of the building on the wharf next to the ferry terminals in the centeral city in Auckland and had been built for the 2012 Rugby World Cup. It has had some other events held in there since then, but is usally empty and is the wharf itself is used by people to have a nice place to eat lunch or fish.


Waiheke Waiheke is an isleand roughly an half an hour ferry ride from Auckland. It has a lot of walks, some really nice beaches and various places to eat.

Wynyard Quarter

Wynyard Quarter The Wynyard Quarter is just passed the Auckland Maritime Museum and is a stretch of area along the Auckland waterfront, which is popular with runners, walkers, has a number of other things to do like restaurants a cargo container with free books & seats in it, and has a playground.

Tall Ship Festival 2013

Tall Ship Festival 2013 The Tall Ship Festival is being run by the Auckland Maritime Museum over four days. Most of the festival is about giving the general public a chance to look through the boats themselves.

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