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Art Galleries & Museums

Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery This is the gallery just off Queen's Street in the central city.

Auckland Public Library

Auckland Public Library This page is about the special Sir George Grey collections exhibts held at the central city library.

Auckland Maritime Museum

Auckland Maritime Museum This is my set of photos taken at the new(ish) Maritime Museum, that was was opened in it's current form in the last 4 years.

Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum This is the page for the Auckland Museum and War Memorial, and includles pictures of some of their temporary exhibts.

Torpedo Bay Navy Museum

Torpedo Bay Navy Museum This navy museum is in Devonport, Auckland.


Auckland Arts Festival 2016

Auckland Arts Festival 2016 This is the main page for the 2016 Auckland Arts Festival and I will have separate pages for the various shows I go to that I can take photos during.

Auckland Art Week 2017

Auckland Art Week 2017 Previous Art Week pages can be found - Auckland Art Week 2016, Auckland Art Week 2015, Auckland Art Week 2014 and Auckland Art Week 2013.

Cake Decorating Competition

Cake Decorating Competition These are some photos I took in Takapuna of the results of a cake decorating competion.

Devonport Arts Festival 2017

Devonport Arts Festival 2017 From Saturday the 1st April 2017 to Sunday the 9th April 2017, there is the biennial Devonport Arts Festival. This page is for the various photos I've taken of the displays I see during this time.

Headland: Sculpture on the Gulf

Headland: Sculpture on the Gulf From the 23rd January 2015 to the 15th of February 2015 there was a 2km walk along part of the coast line on Waiheke Island, which had a series of sculptures set up.

Sculpture in the Gardens

Sculpture in the Gardens This is a sulpture walk through the Auckland Botanic Gardens. The previous Sculpture in the Gardens can be found -Sculpture in the Gardens 2014/2015.

Sculpture Onshore

Sculpture Onshore This has become a regular event every two years at the same park between Belmont and Devonport - it's in Cheltenham.

The 5th Auckland Triennial

The 5th Auckland Triennial There is a series of art shows being held around Auckland between 10 May and 11 August 2013. This is my record of the shows I manage to get to.

Wool Graffiti

Wool Graffiti I have taken photos of some wool graffiti I have found. Some of these are well done enough and pretty enough that I consider them to be art in their own right.

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