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Restaurants/Eating Out


Aroy Dee

This is a Thai restaurant In Takapuna Auckland.

Federal Street Depot Eatery

This is one of the places Al Brown is associated with on Federal Street in the central city in Auckland. It has a menu based around the diners sharing a number of plates.

The Occidental

This is one of the Belgian Beer Cafe chain of pubs in the central city in Auckland.


This is a cafe/resturant/bar in Devonport.


This is an Italian chain restaurant in Auckland, which has very good food - better than I'd expect from a 'chain restaurant'.

Thai Classic

I only ever go here with family members as the Thai Classic is a Thai restaurant my brother found while he was at University over ten years ago now, which became the main Thai restaurant for him and his friends. With it slowly spilling over to myself and the rest of our family too.

Tip Siam

This is a Thai restaurant in Takapuna that I go to every once in a while.

Wai kitchen

This is a cafe/restaurant that services coffee, a small amount of baked morning tea items, plus has a kitchen that prepares brunches and lunches. Has an Italian theme, but doesn't serve what most New Zealander's would consider traditional Italian food of pasta or risottos.

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