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The Shepherd's Crown


5th May 2017

"The Shepherd's Crown"
By: Terry Pratchett

I mostly enjoyed this book, though it wasn't nearly as strong as I would have liked for his last book. It suffered from two problems, the first I had noticed in some of his more recent books in that he has had a character just stand around talking to other characters for far too long which I've found boring and unnecessary. The second I've only noticed in this book which was a number of phrases taken directly from other things for example, he had one of the Freegles saying a variation on "We won't get fooled again" from the song by The Who throughout the novel and there was one section during the battle where one of the elderly men was essentially Lance Corporal Jones from Dad's Army, complete with appropriate quotes. To the point I was wondering what other ones I had missed by the end of the story.

The last book of his which I completely enjoyed was the 2009 book The Unseen Academicals and as much I hate to say this I do think the books he wrote by himself were going downhill noticeably after that. I did like/enjoy a new character he introduced in this book Geoffrey Swivel, who joins the witches to become a male witch.

Part of the problem people have with this book have been explained by the fact that he hadn't finished writing it before he died and from the sounds of things they published this book without having someone else edit. And I agree with what people have said that the book suffers from not having Terry flesh it all fully.

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