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The Long Walk


11th July 2017

"The Long Walk"
By: Stephen King

I do think itís safe to say that I am biased towards any book by Stephen King as I am a big fan and I tend to enjoy most of what he has written. (His collections of short stories in particular tend to a part expectation to this rule as there are usually stories I dislike to hate as well as stories I like to love in his collections almost without fail).

I did enjoy this book a lot. Certainly a lot more than Iíd expect given the very simple plot line, which is really just follows the main character and his fellow walkers of about four and a bit daysí worth of them walking continuously as the original 100 is slowly picked off until there is one left alive. The vast majority of the book covers them talking to each and trying to cope physically and mentally with the stressors of having to walk 24 hours a day until they canít physically walk any more.

It is short by King standards at 391 pages, but I really think this length suits the basic plot line and at least itís a full length novel. That said I do think that I skim read it more than I do normally for books Iím enjoying, meaning I finished it a lot faster than I would have normally for a book this length and I can picture getting bored with the simple plot or lost track of the other characters if I had tried reading it at my usual speed. It could be a good book if youíre a King fan and you need something to read in one sitting Ė like on a plane/travelling Ė rather something that youíll want to last a while.

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