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The Andromeda Strain


23rd September 2017

"The Andromeda Strain"
By: Michael Crichton

This was a good and very readable book despite being very heavily science and technology based. I did enjoy it and read it very quickly for me. I don't think it's as good as any hype surrounding the book though, as in particular I think it has a very weak ending where everything just works out for everyone without the scientists researching the disease actually accomplish all that much.

The ending is weak enough that it does drag the rest of book down which is a great pity as it has a very strong beginning and is interesting throughout the bulk of the book, but just fizzes out right at the end. I also think it suffers in comparison to Stephen King's "The Stand", as I had already read that book and was expecting something slightly more along the lines of "The Stand" especially given the way that "The Andromeda Strain" starts.

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