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The Abominable


6th June 2017

"The Abominable"
By: Dan Simmons

This book is very well written – well enough that I was able to finish a book that was mostly about mountain climbing which I have absolutely zero interest in despite it going on far too much on the technical challenges faced when climbing difficult areas. This is supposed to be an action book but the vast majority the book talks about mountain climbing with no other real plot, expect for what really does come up in the third (and last) section of the book.

The fact the Dan Simmons actually made all of this readable, if not exactly interesting at times, in a book that’s just over 660 pages long shows how good a writer he is! It might be different for someone who is interested in climbing and/or Everest but this book would have been better without nearly so much emphases on the climbing itself. Even then I still consider it to be a 3.5 to a 4 star book.

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