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Tagged for Death


2nd February 2018

"Tagged for Death"
By: Sherry Harris

I would rate this book three out of five stars, it's not too bad and I was able to easily finish it but I had problems getting into the story and found the whole book a little too light and simplistic than I'd like. I also don't think it helps that I have no interest in yard sales either, though it did give an interesting peek into life of a military wife and the author actually lived it so I assume it was accurate.

This book is just one of the crime books that have been created around a certain theme in this case yard sales rather than having someone write a good crime novel, and the authors admits in the acknowledgments at the start that the publishers came up with the idea for this series of books and she was only invited to write them. So it's along the same lines as the manufactured bands rather than an organic idea that came from the author.

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