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8th April 2017

By: Sarah Pinborough

I did like this book, which is the second book in a two book series. It was in the crime section, but Iíd view it as a horror book and not a crime novel as the whole story is based around the supernatural monster causing the deaths in this book and the previous book in the series. For me this was good as I love a well written story, often more than I do crime stories.

An interesting thing about the book is that it is strongly based upon real events and the main character - Dr. Thomas Bond Ė really did work on the Jack the Ripper case with the police and did commit suicide on the same day in the same way as described in the book, with the book being a supernatural variation on what actually happened. (The first book covers the Jack the Ripper case, and this book covers the years leading up to Dr. Bondís suicide).

This book is well written and easy to read, and I found it very interesting. I do think she handle combining the real people and events well with her basic premise in a way that actually worked and didnít seem forced in any way.

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