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Gwendy's Button Box


25th June 2017

"Gwendy's Button Box"
By: Stephen King & Richard Chizmar

This is a novella by Stephen King & Richard Chizmar, set in Kingís town of Castle Rock. Itís very good and I would strongly recommend it if youíre a fan of Kingís other books Ė I canít speak about Richard Chizmar as this is the first work of his Iím aware of reading.

The only thing I would have liked would if they had bulked certain parts, for example the main characters best childhood friend Olive was skipped over too much for my liking given what happens to her in the book and we find out happened to at the end of the book. I donít think the basic premise of the book would work well for a full novel, especially the length King does tend to write, but it would have been very nice if they spent more time with Olive in particular.

Also donít expect a book that will take you a long time to read as itís a single novella in this edition and it took me less than a day to finish reading it despite being a slow reader. In a way I think I would have been happier if it been part of a longer book with two or three other novellas in it to make the book more substantial despite really enjoying it.

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