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Gone Girl


9th March 2017

"Gone Girl"
By: Gillain Flynn

I really enjoyed this book, despite getting it solely due to the hype surrounding it and the movie based upon it. I still haven’t seen the movie yet, so I only had a basic idea of what it was going to be about before I started reading it. That said I do think that I knew enough about the story line, combined with the quotes from people printed on the back of the book – which they should have censored more as some of them did help spoil the first section of the book, which would have annoyed me if I hadn’t already been spoiled by reading reviews online – did take something away from the start of the story as I already knew what was actually happening and where the story was in fact heading compared to where it appeared to be heading.

It is very well written, especially given that not much seems to happen through the book. The main characters wife does disappear at the very start of the book but the rest of the book, the first section in particular, the plot unfolds very slowly and the author takes her time to revival new pieces of information while not a lot else really happens. But she does a very good job at keeping the book interesting and making it feel as if the pace pf the story is still moving along nicely.

I do regret not being one of the people to have read it when it was just out and as a result unspoiled for the “twist(s)” in the plot as I do think that I would have enjoyed it that much more as unfortunately for me the story has little sense of surprise or revelation as I already knew what was happening! (I am very pleased I hadn’t seen the movie before reading the book though).

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