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End of Watch


15th January 2017

"End of Watch"
By: Stephen King

I really enjoyed this book, though I do think you’ll need to have read the first book in the series at the very least to be able to fully understand – and it wouldn’t hurt to have the read book too, but the second book is significantly more standalone plot wise than the third one is. This is the third and final series of books following a retired police detective, turned private eye, and the last big case he wasn’t able to solve while still on the police force. With each book focusing on victims from the original pre-book one, who had been hurt but not killed in the original attack, being re- victimized by the killer until he is finally stopped at the end of this book.

I did enjoy the way this series was mostly crime themed with very minor, for Stephen King, supernatural themes added in but really taking over the plot until the third book. It is a relatively light read and despite having suicide as the major theme in this book.

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