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10th October 2017

By: Robert Harris

I actually enjoyed this book a lot more than I was expecting, given the book is essentially about a group of elderly deeply religious men who spend most of the book locked away from the rest of the world trying to vote for a new pope! At 287 pages it isnít a particularly long novel, but I think he would have been even more hard pressed to make a longer version work as well as this one.

I do think that he has made slightly more over the top plot wise than an actual conclave would be in reality, as I did have a little trouble suspending my disbelief at all of the things go wrong during the actual conclave itself.

I found this was a fast and easy read and I finished the book a lot more quickly than I was expecting to, despite not reading more than I normally would over the past week. Like I said it is enjoyable and it is well written/well edited.

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