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An Officer and a Spy


15th September 2017

"An Officer and a Spy"
By: Robert Harris

I do think that this book suffers from being about a well-known event, in that a large percentage of the people reading will know exactly what happened meaning there is no suspense or surprise in the plot. I also found it stiffer and flatter than Iíd like which I put down to the fact that he had to describe what happened and didnít have any ability to be as creative as normal.

I donít think itís perfect and I enjoyed some of his other books more than this one, but it could have been a lot worse and I did find it more interesting as the book went on. I do think itís more of a historical novel than a spy or drama, mainly due to knowing what so going to happen so there wasnít any sense of surprise or concern about what was happening to the main characters.

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