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Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories


26th December 2017

"Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories"
By: Kim Newman

I enjoyed most of the stories in this book Ė in fact there was one that I started reading and didnít like enough to make me stop reading and skip over to the next story. Some of the stories were a lot better than others though and the last story in this book, which I consider to be the most important one as itís the Anno Dracula story is nor more than the set up for his newest book in that series so doesnít have an ending at all and just leaves you hanging.

The stories I did like a lot were the ones about a zombie apocalypse in communist Russia, a group of men recreating and selling the tonic made by DR Jekyll, and a short one about the Invisible Man coming to a little American town. In particular the zombie story was an interesting take on zombies done in such a way that it isnít anything like any standard zombie story set in the west.

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