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This is my version of an online dairy or journal. I have tried using traditional blog or online journal and I just don't like using those sorts of formats. I also want to be able have sections on places like the local Art Galleries, which I can update in dribs and drabs as I go to them and they have new exhibits or sections set up, as well as a general section on each one I go to on a regular basis. So this site is going to be my version of a dairy, properly very few posts that people would few as being traditional blog posts and full of photos and notes from various places I’ve been to, sorted by subject and venue rather than by date...

In a way this site more of online scrapbook than a dairy, as I kinda like the idea of scrapbooking but can't bring myself to make them and certainly don't want a huge pile of damn scrapbooks I feel as if I have to hang on to forever... In a way this site is as much a place for me to keep digtal copies of tickets and other bits and pieces as anything else, so I can safely throw the physical versions away.

I guess I should put an email address just in case:- contact me.
Though I'm not sure if anyone is actually intertested, but this is my Twitter account.
Also my tumblr.
This is the Reddit subreddit for this site.
My Reddit account.
My Midnight Moon facebook page.

I'm not going to do a links page, given how old fashioned they have become, but I am creating a Homepage for my own use... :)

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